Jason Hess

Jason HessJason has spent his life exploring architecture, art and furnishings all over the world. At 3 months old Jason and his family were relocated to Germany due to his father’s military assignment. Over the next eighteen years Jason moved fifteen times, lived in three regions of Germany, Sicily, Italy and five states within the United States. In his younger years you would often find Jason building structures out of Lego’s, exploring the closest castle or touring the local art museums. After graduating High School, Jason continued his travels as a professional dancer. Dancing was his profession but art and architecture were always his passion. The castles of Germany, museums of France and architecture of the Mediterranean countries kept calling to him. In 2008, Jason completed the residential design program summa cum laude at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and was awarded best portfolio. Since completing the program Jason has worked for national furniture retailers, furniture manufacturers and award winning interior designers.

Jason believes that your home should reflect your past, your present and your future. Your home should inspire you, bring you comfort and make your loved ones feel welcome. He pulls inspiration from his world travels, childhood memories, military upbringing and the stories and lives of his clients.

There are three generations of wood workers on both sides of Jason’s family tree. He infuses classic woodworking construction methods with contemporary silhouettes to create timeless, high quality pieces that are meant to last generations and become family ‘heirlooms.’

Jason is thankful to his mentors and hopes to inspire people to believe in their dreams.