The 324 Day of 2014

July 13, 2015/Design, Furniture Design, Inspiration /No Comments

On the 276 day of 2014 the decision was made to schedule an open house at The Heirloom Loft. Heirloom Loft? What is that? The Heirloom Loft is one part office, one part wood shop / creative space and one part showroom. You could call it the creative think tank behind J. Hess Designs and it is also where I create and development ideas for a lifestyle brand that is in its very early stages.

Once the date and time were solidified a plan was put into motion. Over the next few weeks the guest list was put together, a few new furniture pieces were designed, prototypes were then made, market research surveys were put together, hours of thinking ‘should I change the height of the lower shelf by 1 inch or leave it be?’, nibbles and sweets were ordered, the sawdust was swept away and the curtain was about to rise for the debut performance of Heirloom by Hess.

The 324 day of 2014 probably came and went for the greater majority of people just like any other day. Some were still deciding which pie they should make for friends-giving while others had finalized there turkey day menu in June, military spouses were counting the seconds until their loved one would arrive for home for a very special holiday meal and most children were eagerly awaiting the arrival of a jolly man in a red velvet suit. For me, it was showtime. At around 7:30 pm The Heirloom Loft quickly filled with design colleagues, friends, a handful of new faces and most importantly my father. Why is my father so important? There are three generations of woodworkers in the Hess family and I’ve learned the majority of my woodworking skills from my father. Also known as Papa Hess. The guests brought with them smiles, hugs and constructive feedback in relation to what we’ve been working on. My cheeks were a bit sore by the end of the night from smiling so much and the evening was more than I had ever anticipated.Several people have asked me why I do what I do and to me the answer is simple. Design matters. I see furniture, artwork, accessories as way more than just things. These things are connected to memories and moments that we cherish. My goal is to create ‘things’ that are of heirloom quality with the intention of passing them along from one generation to the next. I’m thankful for those who have taught me my current skill set and plan to improve upon it daily. I am even more thankful for the opportunity to create spaces, pieces of furniture and objects that will become part of your family memories for years to come.Are you interested in checking out the Heirloom Loft? Stop on by! I’d love to let you behind my creative curtain.


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